White Wine Jelly with Grapes

White Wine Jelly with Grapes

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  1. Sweet white wine 400 milliliters
  2. Gelatin 6-8 teaspoons (10 grams)
  3. Lemon zest to taste
  4. Grapes 500 grams
  5. Mint leaves a few pieces
  • Main IngredientsGrapes, White Wine
  • Serving 5 servings


Glasses or tins, pan, spoon.


Step 1: prepare the grapes.

Rinse the grapes, remove from the branches and sort out. For beauty and taste, use grapes of two varieties: white and red or black.

Step 2: make jelly.

Arrange the prepared grapes into molds. Add the chopped mint leaves, laying them beautifully on the fruit.
Dilute gelatin in a small amount of water so that it swells. About half a glass.
Heat the wine (do not boil), add the zest and mix. It must be heated in such a way as to almost bring to a boil, but not allowed to happen at the very last moment when removed from the fire.

Cool the wine a little, and then add the swollen gelatin to it and mix well.
Leave to cool completely.
When the wine has cooled, pour it over the grape tins and put in the refrigerator for several hours until the gelatin has completely hardened.

Step 3: serve white wine jelly with grapes.

Serve jelly from white wine with grapes to the table right in the molds. Eat it with a spoon. Great dessert for your party, right?
Enjoy your meal!