Tuna salad

Tuna salad

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- We wash the vegetables. We break the lettuce into smaller pieces by hand as we like (you can use the salad from the bag); we cut the tomatoes into cubes or slices, we cut the onion into slices; In a bowl, alternate the lettuce, basil leaves (if they are small, leave them whole, if they are large, break them), onion, tomatoes and pepper slices, sprinkle with sauce and add half a tuna. Repeat and at the end put the tuna, basil and the remaining sauce. If necessary, add more salt and sauté the bowl to mix with the sauce.

- For the sauce I put the mustard with mayonnaise, I mixed well adding salt, white pepper and oil from the tuna box, then I squeezed half a lemon. It's a creamy sauce but it's very good for salad. It gives it a creamy and sour texture,

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