Pork chop with vegetables

Pork chop with vegetables

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  1. Pork (tenderloin) 5 pieces
  2. Carrots 5-6 pieces (medium size)
  3. Onion 3 pieces
  4. Leek a small piece
  5. Cheese 200 grams
  6. Mayonnaise 3 tablespoons
  7. Mustard 1 tablespoon
  8. 2 cloves of garlic
  9. Salt to taste
  10. Pepper to taste
  11. Dill to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Pork, Onion, Carrot


baking dish, knife, grater, meat hammer, foil


Step 1: beat the meat.

Knock off the pork slices with a hammer so that after cooking it is softer and better soaked with spices and vegetable juice.
Pepper and salt the pieces of meat on all sides.

Step 2: chop the vegetables.

Peel and chop the carrots. Chop the onion into thin rings.
Mix the carrots with onions and lay out a portion of the vegetables on the bottom of the pan, flattening.
Salt and pepper.

Step 3: bake a pork chop with vegetables.

Put slices of pork on a vegetable pillow and cover them with the remaining vegetables, salt, pepper and sprinkle with finely chopped leek and grated cheese.
Cover everything with foil.
Put in a cold oven and bake at temperature 180 degrees during 1,5 hours.
Combine mayonnaise with garlic and mustard. Lubricate the top of the casserole with the resulting sauce, removing the foil. And put everything back in the oven, bake on 30 minutesuntil the pork is tender.

Step 4: serve the pork chop with vegetables.

Serve the pork chop hot, with a spatula, cut the layer of vegetables and cheese and mayonnaise crust. As a side dish, mashed potatoes are best.
Enjoy your meal!


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