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  1. Small cucumbers optional
  2. Salt 9 teaspoons
  3. Vinegar 1 cup
  4. Sugar 9 teaspoons
  5. Water 9 glasses
  6. Bay leaves to taste
  7. Cloves to taste
  8. Carrots to taste
  9. Garlic to taste
  10. Onion to taste
  11. Horseradish to taste
  12. Dill to taste
  13. Mustard seeds to taste
  • Main Ingredients


Cans, basin, pan, towel


Rinse the cucumbers several times with water. Just type a bowl, rinse the vegetables in it and so a couple of times, washing off even fine dirt.

Put the chopped garlic clove, onion slice, carrot slice, fresh dill, a pinch of mustard seeds and a piece of horseradish on the prepared cans bottom.
Place washed cucumbers tightly in jars.

Prepare the marinade by boiling water with sugar, salt, bay leaves and vinegar. Gently pour the hot marinade into jars.

You can pasteurize jars with cucumbers right away, or the next day, it all depends on how much acidic cucumbers you want to get, you can let them roam for a day, or you can wrap them right away.
Pasteurize either in the oven or in a pot of boiling water (do not forget to put a towel on the bottom) for 10 minutes (half liter cans).

Pickled cucumbers are wonderful! It is a great appetizer, side dish supplement and salad ingredient.
Enjoy your meal!