A simple dessert for Halva tea made of 3 ingredients without flour and sugar

A simple dessert for Halva tea made of 3 ingredients without flour and sugar

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For cooking:

  1. peeled and fried sunflower seeds 200 gr.
  2. peeled and roasted peanuts 100 gr.
  3. honey 2-3 tbsp
  • Main ingredients Nuts, Honey


mixing bowl, blender or coffee grinder, tablespoon, spatula


For cooking, I take 200 g of peeled and roasted sunflower seeds and 100 g of peeled and roasted peanuts.

We load them into a blender and grind until an oily crumb is formed. Periodically, you need to mix the contents so that the grinding is uniform. You can also grind in a coffee grinder in small portions. You can take only seeds, then halva will turn out to be more crumbly, with the addition of peanuts, the mass will turn out to be more pasty.

The resulting mass is transferred to a separate bowl and add 2-3 tbsp. liquid honey and mix well. If the honey is thick, then it is advisable to melt it in a water bath.

Halva is almost ready, it remains to form it. Compress the mass with your hand, transfer to a cling film or bag and twist into a sausage. Size and shape can be arbitrary. We send in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

Over time, halva became dense. We take it out of the film and you can enjoy it.

Details and cooking details can be found in a short video recipe.

Enjoy your meal!


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