Homemade sausage

Homemade sausage

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  1. chicken breast 600 gr
  2. 4 pieces of chicken thighs
  3. garlic 4-5 tooth
  4. seasoning for meat 2 tsp
  5. paprika 2 tsp
  6. turmeric 1.5 tsp
  7. salt 2 tsp
  8. instant gelatin 15 gr
  • Main Ingredients Chicken


cling film


I cut the meat from the chicken thighs, well, wash my meat and chicken breast, cut into small cubes. I add spices, grated garlic, salt to taste, add gelatin and stir everything well.

I lay the cling film in two strips on the table with an overlap on each other, lay out the meat, give the desired shape and turn it into a roll as tight and tight as possible, while leaving the ponytails from the film on each side, holding the pins on the table several times and I tie the ponytails tightly into a knot.

I lay the foil in two strips on the table with an overlap on each other and wrap the roll in foil, send it to the preheated oven for 180 for 45 minutes, let the roll completely cool, put in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

The sausage is juicy, aromatic and very tasty! Very easy to chop, not falling apart! Try it and you! Enjoy your meal!


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