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Banana and Cocoa Milkshake

Banana and Cocoa Milkshake

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Ingredients for making a milkshake with banana and cocoa

  1. Banana 1/2 pieces
  2. Melon 75 grams
  3. Milk 2% fat 120 grams
  4. Cocoa (powder) 1 teaspoon
  • Main Ingredients: Banana, Milk, Cocoa and Chocolate
  • Serving 1 serving


Blender, serving glass, kitchen knife, cutting board.


Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

Peel and chop the banana. Peel the melon from the seeds and cut into cubes. Melon is added for added sweetness, so choose honey, sugar.

Step 2: whip everything in a blender.

Now just put everything in a blender and chop it well.

The milk will froth, the banana and melon will be chopped, and the cocoa powder will dissolve. When all this happens and the consistency of the cocktail becomes uniform, the drink can be served at the table.

Step 3: serve the milkshake with banana and cocoa.

Pour your sweet milky banana shake with cocoa into a glass (you can add some ice) and enjoy the nectar-sweet summer drink.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can decorate a cocktail with grated milk or bitter chocolate, as well as just cocoa powder.