Raisin and Chocolate Walnut Pie

Raisin and Chocolate Walnut Pie

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  1. Flour 200 g
  2. Eggs 3 pcs.
  3. Sugar 170 g
  4. Walnuts 100 g
  5. Raisins 50 g
  6. Baking soda 1 tsp.
  7. Sunflower oil 1 tbsp. l
  8. Kefir 200 ml
  9. Chocolate 40 g
  • Main ingredients: Kefir, Nuts, Flour, Sugar


mixer, baking dish, knife, cutting board,


Beat eggs with sugar. Add flour and mix with a mixer. Pour in kefir and add soda and mix again. Add vegetable oil and mix again.

Finely chop the walnuts and add to the dough. Pour raisins there. Mix.

Pour the dough into a baking dish. Sprinkle with chopped chocolate on top and send to bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees, for 30 minutes.

Cool the finished cake and serve with tea. Enjoy your meal. See how I cook such a pie in a short video. Thanks.