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Salt Baked Trout

Salt Baked Trout

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Ingredients for Cooking Trout Baked in Salt

The main

  1. Trout 1 piece
  2. 1 kg salt
  3. Egg white 3 pieces
  4. Water 50 milliliters


  1. Lemon to taste
  2. Greens (dill, parsley) to taste
  3. Hot pepper to taste
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings


Baking tray, plate, knife, parchment for baking.


Step 1: prepare the trout.

Rinse and gut the trout, removing the entrails and gills. Start the fish inside with slices of lemon, herbs and other spices. So that the trout does not turn out to be salted, in any case do not make incisions on its sides, and stuff so that the abdomen closes and does not let salt in.

Step 2: mix salt with proteins.

Mix the salt with whipped proteins and a little water. Add fluids gradually so you can better control the humidity of the mixture. It should look like wet sand, but not very liquid.

Step 3: cover the trout with salt.

Put baking parchment on a baking sheet and apply a thin layer of salt on it. Put the trout on top and fill it with the remaining salt, forming a pot. Be careful, do not leave anything hanging around outside the salt shell, otherwise all your efforts will be wasted.

Step 4: bake trout baked in salt.

Send trout in salt in preheated until 200 degrees oven on 25-30 minutes, depending on the size of your fish.

Remove the finished trout from the oven, let it stand for 7-10 minutes and break the salt carapace with the knife handle or hammer. Just hit carefully, it’s not so durable.

Peel the trout and remove the meat from the bones, then do the same with the other side of the fish.

Step 5: serve the trout, baked in salt.

Serve trout on a pillow of vegetables and / or rice. Fish baked in salt crust comes out amazingly tasty! Try this simple but very good cooking recipe for sure.
Enjoy your meal!