Pudding with homemade noodles from Baia Mare

Pudding with homemade noodles from Baia Mare

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I had the opportunity to get to Baia Mare, where I came across a very nice lady who recommended me these homemade noodles, good for soups, but also for this pudding that I made to guide her. I hope you enjoy!

  • 200 g homemade noodles (as in the picture)
  • 300 g of cottage cheese
  • 3-4 eggs
  • 150 ml of milk
  • a handful of raisins
  • 4 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 1 vial of vanilla essence
  • a sachet of vanilla sugar
  • butter or margarine to grease the pan

Servings: 8

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Pudding with homemade noodles from Baia Mare:

For starters, we prepare the noodles, putting in a pot water with a little salt. When the water starts to boil, add the noodles and let them boil, but not completely, but al dente, as they say. We strain them and then rinse them a little in cold water so that they do not stick to each other.

Separately, in a bowl, mix the cheese with the eggs and sugar, then add the milk, raisins, essence and powdered sugar.

Mixing them all will result in a fairly soft composition.

In this composition we will add the noodles, mix until all is incorporated, then pour into a tray that I greased with margarine (I used a heat-resistant dish).

Bake for 50 minutes.

It is cut cold and at the same time, it can be powdered with vanilla powdered sugar

Pasta in Maramures

Here we are again at home, after the Easter holidays exactly as we wanted - spent in a place we are very attached to, rich in traditions, with people who live as simple as they are beautiful. I looked at them fascinated and felt privileged to be in their midst.

We are Roman Catholics, but Cosmin is Orthodox and most of my family is Greek Catholic. Thus, every year we celebrate both Easter holidays. If I was in Iasi for Catholic Easter, this time I was in Maramures.
For about two months we were thinking about where to make Easter and in the end we chose Maramures, the place where we feel at home, although none of us is from this part of the country. We have celebrated the Easter holidays here and in the past, when we did not have children and even more so the place seemed right now for them. I caught some beautiful days, although when I set off it was raining. It sprayed us a little more, it's true, but we don't really take into account the weather when we go on vacation. Kids need to know about the sun and good weather, but a little rain and mud doesn't hurt! Anyway, immediately after that the sun came out and it was a light like only in Maramures it seems to me that you can find it.

Where we stayed in Maramures

We went to Baia Sprie with our cousins ​​and their families and we stayed at Casa Olarului, where we baptized the girls and where we return at least twice a year. For children, especially, we wanted them to spend a lot of time in nature during the Easter holidays, and this place is ideal for something like that. There are forests where you can walk, lakes and mountains and you have to see interesting things when hiking through the surrounding villages.

The children spent a lot of time outside with the ball, badminton paddles, befriended other children, climbed into the tree house and played with the animals. They also forgot about the TV and the tablet, because they had other, more interesting entertainments. Even on the rainiest days we dressed the girls in waterproof overalls, rubber boots and they could play in the mud because there was no problem.

How I spent Easter

It was a period that remained in my soul, because Maramures seems to me a blessed place, with landscapes broken from Heaven and people who live so beautifully! I was on a day trip to Preluca Veche, to Tg. Lapus. I arrived exactly on Holy Saturday, when people were preparing for Easter. We wanted to be present as discreetly as possible, so as not to disturb their ritual, probably remained the same for hundreds of years. The atmosphere of the place seemed to me detached from a movie - by Emir Kusturica, in some places. For example, a family I visited had a pig housed in an old Skoda. Puppies, cats or chickens lived freely in people's homes. At one point, we woke up with a black Vietnamese pig spinning between our legs - it was their pet. I can't describe how excited the children were to play with chickens, roosters or goats with kids! I saw the women knead the cakes in the bucket and I painted the eggs together. We integrated into their simple and profound lifestyle at the same time and we felt more intensely the joy of the approach of the Resurrection.

Also on Saturday, at Casa Olarului, I painted eggs naturally - with onion peels, beets and turmeric. We had a picnic up the hill with traditional dishes - cottage cheese, eggs, green onions, radishes, homemade ham and bread as big and round as a sun. In the evening, after I put the children to bed, I made a campfire, then I went to the wooden church from Baia Sprie, to the Resurrection service.

On Easter Sunday, in the morning, I had breakfast and the children's great fun was to beat the eggs. I then let them play and later I went to the village to an old Greek Catholic church, from 1721, in the UNESCO patrimony, from Surdesti.

After we returned home, we were greeted by Dana Les with a large lunch in nature, with everything traditional - borscht and lamb steak, drob, fresh salads, cake and homemade cakes, including Dobos and Albinita . It's like I went back to my childhood, that's how I felt!

The day after Easter, I visited the village of Breb, Prince Charles' favorite. I visited the old church in the early 1600s and caught the exact moment when people were at work. Absolutely everyone - women, men and children - were in traditional costumes. There were no tourists in the area and it was obvious that this was their moment. They don't want to be noticed and photographed, they don't do anything for others, but that's how they are, that's how they live. I was impressed by the decency and even the humility with which they lived the Easter holiday, the respect for tradition and faith. After the service, we walked through the village, as if we were walking through an open-air museum - huge gates carved with craftsmanship, brandy scent and clear sky above. A spell! What more could we want?

We made some interesting journeys in the old village of Ungureni, with traditional houses, huge gates, beautifully decorated and an old wooden church from the end of the 18th century. We have been to Barsana before and we saw old friends - Nicolai and Monica Tand, who invited us to a table full of traditional Easter goodies.

How the children felt during the Easter mini-holiday

We tend to think that they are too small to remember exactly where we were together or the events they went through, but I am convinced that it is not so. The good emotions they experienced, the moments of joy, of freedom, new experiences will be imprinted somewhere in their being and will make them remember their childhood fondly. All the good energy they have felt these days, playing from the tree house, in nature, with animals, praying before dinner, beautiful places with friendly people are convinced that they do well. Both are tanned and have a healthy air, like children who spend a lot of time outside.

I really see that she copes well with any situation, we have many activities together, she is present and receptive. Rita is more and more casual, a free and independent child that often gives us the feeling that we only have to take care of Vera. It handles very well, in the sense that it is served alone if it is hungry or thirsty. He only played outside, with everything he could find - with other children, on swings, with baby animals. I also took them to Blue Lake and there I had a chat with her. I told him I think he should be careful not to slip a few times until I gave in. We assumed a controlled "accident" and said "let's drop it and that's it." He was a little scared, but he saw what it meant, which I think is a good lesson for children. Instead of telling her that a drop in the water will not really please her, I let her experience it alone, and now I am convinced that she will remember you. :))

I admit, I would have stayed in Maramures, but we had a show with "The Stork of the Minister" and we had to go back. But, soon, Maramures will be home for us, because we bought a plot of land here and we are going to restore a house purchased 5 years ago with an age of over 100 years.

How do you see all these holidays with children and what interesting places to visit?

How to boil (sterilize) canned goods in the oven & # 8211 dry, without water bath

Some wrap the hot, product-filled jars in the beds and leave them to cool slowly. I say it's not bad to sterilize them in the oven. The oven must be preheated to 115-120 C. I used this technique at compote, Mashed vegetables and so on The washed and sterilized jars are placed on the oven tray and filled with the hot (hot) preparation. Then close tightly with the lids provided. The can tray is placed in the oven heated to 115 C and left to sterilize for 30-40 minutes. Then turn off the oven & # 8211 WITHOUT opening its door & # 8211 and leave it to cool slowly for 4-5 hours (or overnight). Only after this break can the jars be removed and moved to the pantry.

Here are some cans that need to be boiled or over-sterilized after bottling:

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I hope I explained well how to boil (sterilize) cans in a water bath or oven. Good job, dear ones!

What can you visit on a weekend in Baia Mare?

Baia Mare is the city of residence of Maramures County and, at the same time, one of the gold centers that knew their glory in the XIV-XV centuries. In addition to the importance of underground resources, Baia Mare has stood out due to the tourist potential it presents. If so far you have not thought to pay him a visit, we give you some reasons why you should get there at least once in your life.

Baia Mare, the town located at the foot of the Gutai Mountains, was attested at the beginning of the 14th century and managed to develop due to the underground resources found around it. In the middle of the 15th century, it became the property of Iancu de Hunedoara's family and, due to its strategic position, it became fortified and strengthened at the end of the same century. Subsequently, in the following centuries, Baia Mare developed at a fast pace and became an important cultural and economic center for the Maramures area. Nowadays, Baia Mare represents an important economic, cultural and social pole for the northwest of the country and, in the next years, it is desired to develop it as a significant tourist center.

What can you visit in Baia Mare?

Although the potential of this city is not used to the maximum, from a tourist point of view, this does not mean that visits to Baia Mare will be boring, on the contrary. Baia Mare boasts a series of interesting buildings, spread in all areas of the city, which belong to several architectural styles. Among the most popular are:

1. Iancu de Hunedoara House from Baia Mare is one of the most important buildings in the Historic Center of the city. Located near Libertatii Square, the building on Monetariei Street dates back to 1446 and is part of the medieval castle built by Iancu de Hunedoara for his wife, Elisabeta.

2. Butchers' Tower was part of the defense system of Baia Mare approved by Matei Corvin in 1469. Built in 1547, the Butchers' Bastion is one of the most important buildings in the south of the city.

3. The wooden church in Chechis, later moved to Baia Mare on Dealul Florilor, is one of the most important constructions in the county. Today, the wooden church is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Village Museum in Baia Mare.

4. Cathedral of the Assumption it was built between 1905 and 1911, initially as a simple parish church, but later, in 1930, it received the title of cathedral.

5. Stefan Tower is one of the most photographed buildings in Baia Mare. Built as an annex of the cathedral of the same name, Stefan Tower is 40 meters high and is a beautiful Gothic building that you can not miss during your visit to Baia Mare.

Where do you stay in Baia Mare?

Because we always think about your comfort and safety, we recommend the following accommodation units.

* The prices presented in this article correspond to one night accommodation from 17-18 January 2018 and are valid today, 2 November 2017.

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Memories with food. From Baia Mare.

I grew up in Baia Mare, relatively close to the city center. Of course, in Baia Mare all the places are relatively close to the city center, but this is not a bad thing, on the contrary. Across the street from the house where I lived, there was (there is still today) a garment factory. My mother worked there. Also there, at the kiosk in the factory yard, demolished a few years ago, came almost every day a three-wheeled motorbike, with a large tin box in the back, from which came out two trays with savarine and two trays with choux a la crème. There was a beating on them, but at least twice a week we grabbed either savarine or choux. Very rarely both. They were great, much better than the ones you find today in confectioneries, hence the conclusion that the E's 25-27 years ago were much tastier than today's.

If it happened that my mother did not have time to bake cakes or pies for us (at that time it was mandatory to work on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays, eh, other times, other production, other GDP), she would take us on the day off to Mara, to the confectionery on the 1st floor. It was climbed through the outside of the hotel, on a staircase with large glass windows. You could find Mara Indian and brownies, savarina and eclair, cakes and dumplings, mountain name cakes and margarine creams (don't think that there are many who use butter today, that's how they learned from generation to generation, that's how they go on). Sometimes, instead of the cake from Mara, our parents offered us cotton candy, balloons and the train from the 23 August park (that's what it was called then, I wonder who knows why) followed or preceded, depending on our patience, by children. with mustard from the park terrace, beer for dad and orange-flavored juices for us. Then, if we were good, I would get an ice cream (I was fascinated by the way the ice cream came out of the old cars, painted blue) and the traditional visit to the Zoo.

After the coup unjustly nicknamed the "revolution", the first pizzeria in the city appeared. It was called Domino and was to be found somewhere behind Stephen's Tower, near the Military Commissariat. It was always full there, they made a pizza in the tray, with a thick top, full of cheese and not much meat. Horrible, by my standards today, the core of the world by my standards then. After a few years, the Italian Oasis appeared, a place where many nights and days I turned into memories for the book I will write after retirement. It's the place where I learned to make pizza, the place where I had my first contact with public catering and working in the kitchen. I was 19-20 years old at the time. Oasis it was a crowded place from morning till late at night, and people were of all kinds. Pupils, students, losers, journalists, local celebrities, currency experts, high-ranking prostitutes, what's more, representatives from almost all social backgrounds. If you wanted to find someone in particular, it was enough to come at the right time or talk to the pizzaiolo or the bar, the meetings were arranged very simply at that time. The Oasis has changed, although it has remained in the same place. It looks much better but no longer has the same vibration. Or maybe I've changed too much and I don't perceive it anymore.

I will not forget (I hope) the famous McDollar, the place with schnitzels and salads from loop. They were making some huge schnitzels, the biggest I've ever seen. Dried, tasty, glued to a small salad or french fries or natural. I will not forget the new breath brought by The Godfather, opened locally by a novel returning from work, from Italy. The demands of the Italian food consumer had increased (the city had a fairly large Italian-speaking population) and with them the quality of the food. The place was frequented by Italians and their Romanian mistresses or their Italian wives, depending on everyone's bad luck. ”They ate well there, I understand that they eat well even now.

Not even Budapest it wasn't bad. They had Hungarian food and were the first to bring bread soup to Baia Mare. They made a sensation with her at the time. to hookah I ate hummus for the first time in my life (made by Alic, one of the owners at the time). I still remember him. At Igniș (at elbow) my father used to send me for beer when I was 12-13 years old, at Pizza H I lost a slice of pizza the tooth cracked during a tae kwon do match and at the Carpathians I started going after earning my money single. Now I don't go anywhere because I don't live in Baia Mare anymore and when I get home I prefer to stay with my parents, to go to the country or to see my friends at their homes or on a terrace, for a coffee fast forward.

All the places we talked about above have one thing in common: they are places where you went, in addition to food, to see others and to be seen. Because that's what this is all about when you go out. Do you want to take part in the public life of the city, to change ideas, to change a gossip, to find out new things, to see who grew up, to find out who got married, who had children, who won the scholarship and how much it hurts your opponents, in case you have some (let's face it, this is how human nature works, not the other way around). The star of some of the places I mentioned above has long since passed away, of others it still shines or maybe even shines bright still. At this time, a new star rises and rises to the place where everyone will see it: the city mall. I saw on the last visit home that the light companies are on, a clear indication that the opening of Gold Plaza is approaching, the new place where the people of Baia Mare will go to see and be seen, to eat, to do therapy through shopping (yes, my dears , I know that you “suffer” and only shopping can soothe you), for two hours and a bit at the multiplex ”and a hot chocolate after the movie, for shopping in the hypermarket or after going to the wedding shoes. You may not believe me, but I know: the city center will not move anywhere from where it is now but the pulse of the city will feel best at the mall. It's like a kind of law of nature, it's a new step in the evolution of the city. I know we'll see each other from time to time. Stay healthy.

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Pudding with homemade noodles from Baia Mare - Recipes

In the center of Baia Mare there is a monument, included in the national cultural heritage, as a class A building, with such a rich history, and which despite this fact can be easily omitted by tourists who come to this city. The building we are talking about is Casa Iancu de Hunedoara, but although it is a medieval construction, if you cross the other side of the street you will definitely miss it. The main reason: it does not look like from 1450!
The construction of the building began in 1446, this being the part of the old medieval castle built by the voivode Iancu de Hunedoara. The house was built for his wife, Elisabeta, so the monument is also known as Casa Elisabeta.

The works were completed in 1490, by the youngest son of the Transylvanian voivode, the Hungarian king Mathia Corvinul, who took the throne of Hungary from Ladislaus V, nicknamed the Posthumous.
After the Great Union of 1918, the building became the property of the Romanian state, which took over the unclaimed royal goods. The revolution of 1989 and the legislative vacuum in the field of patrimony, allowed that after 1995, parts of the building to be sold by the City Hall to some natural / legal persons.

Currently there are only less than 9 owners: Baia Mare City Hall - 363 square meters (30% of the building area) Balas Cornelia - user with pre-contract - owner Kalauz Aurelia company 9 Optiune SRL Baia Mare (the company that executed the rehabilitation project of Zah Otniel (partner at SC Diafan SRL, a company that owns several properties in the area, including a hotel) Miklos Istvan Kiss Ildiko Moroz Mihai (real estate investor) Sellam Perez David (Israeli-French citizen co -owner of several buildings, historical monuments within the municipality of Baia Mare).
If the discussion about the current state of the building had been related to the cement plaster on the facade of a 15th century historical monument, it would have been serious, but things are much worse than that. The building is in an advanced state of degradation and is a real danger for people moving around the area, due to the plaster and pieces of brick that come off the wall from Mihai Viteazul Street.

Attempts to rehabilitate the building, remained at the level of idea-project

In the last 3 years, at the level of the Baia Mare Local Council, there have been initiatives on the line of elaborating some projects in which the Iancu de Hunedoara House should be included. Two of them are worth mentioning: "Regional Network of Business and Marketing Centers - North West Region" (the project would have involved landscaping, building consolidation and changing the roof) and that of 9 Optiune SRL, which advanced the project "InterCultural Center for Youth ”and which was to be financed from European funds through the Regional Operational Program / ROP, amounting to 635,985 euros.
In Romanian folklore there is an expression, which alludes to a story, which presents very well the situation in Baia Mare - "Pepelea's nail". The story goes that Pepelea sold his house, but with the right to have a nail in it. And all day he then entered the house of the poor people a few dozen times to put his hat on, then he came to take it. In other words, he retains his right to property. In this case, with 9 owners, the house has no chance to be reconsolidated. Even if the owner who owns the smallest part of the property opposes, it is extremely difficult to solve something.
The reason why nothing happened at Iancu de Hunedoara's house is the constant opposition to the beginning of some rehabilitation / restoration works of Sellam Perez David. He refused access to the spaces that belong to him, respectively the basement of the building. Instead, three years ago he carried out excavations inside the building, without holding a construction or archaeological discharge permit, endangering the stability of the building and destroying the existing archaeological site. The case came to the attention of the Maramures County Police Inspectorate, after DJCPN Maramures notified this intervention, which was also confirmed by a research team composed of specialist officers from the Department for the Protection of National Cultural Heritage.

Settlement of accounts with swords in Baia Mare. Four assailants were handcuffed

UPDATE: Following the incident, four people were handcuffed by police and taken for questioning. "We do not know exactly what happened there. It's too early to say anything. What is certain is that four people were handcuffed and taken for questioning. It is premature to decide ", said Florina Meteș from IPJ Maramureș.

Maramureș Police officials claim that it is not very clear what happened at the Lidl store. "We do not know if it is a robbery or a settlement of accounts. Two of the men were seen running their swords through the store. Other witnesses told us that there was an altercation in the store's parking lot after which the episode continued in the store ", says the Police official.

Significant police forces were sent to the scene.

Initial news

Several witnesses claim that a masked man armed with a sword tried to hit a cashier in the head. After the woman refused to open the cash register, the aggressor started attacking the cashier. It is not clear whether the people managed to immobilize the aggressor or the police officers present in the area intervened very quickly. What is certain is that the aggressors, because it is about four people, involved in this story with the smell of robbery or settlement of accounts, were detained.

Authorities arrived at the scene shortly.

From the first information it results that one of those detained was the son of a well-known politician from Baia Mare, who has problems with drugs, and needed money to buy his daily doses.

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Allied Forces Tour 2009 la Baia Mare

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Calorii pufuleti Flippy Baia Mare

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Biblioteca Ion Creanga va invita la deschiderea oficiala a unei serii de evenimente dedicate Japoniei, in semn de mare admiratie si pretuire pentru cultura si civilizatia japoneza. Luna japoneza ce se [..]

Plante pentru o gradina japoneza

baia japoneza
O gradina japoneza este un exemplu de meticulozitate si frumusete obtinuta intocmai datorita atentiei sporite pentru detaliu. Daca planuiesti sa iti amenajezi si tu gradina in stil japonez, vei avea nevoie de o serie de plante specifice. Iata-le pe cele mai frumoase! [..] Alte informatii despre: gradina japoneza , plante de gradina , amenajare gradina

Lumea academica, in doliu! Romania a pierdut “un mare prozator, un om de atitudine“

baia japoneza
Augustin Buzura, in varsta de 79 de ani, a murit luni seara. Decesul psihiatrului prozatorului si eseistului roman contemporan este deplansa de lumea academica. [..] Alte informatii despre: Augustin Buzura deces , Augustin Buzura , deces

Stilul asiatic: 5 idei pentru designul casei

baia japoneza
Stiul asiatic este o alegere tot mai populara in tarile din lumea intreaga datorita exotismului pe care il imprima, dar si a elementelor care ofera un anumit confort si o stare de bine. De la obiectele decorative speciale pana la cromatica specifica, iata cateva idei de design pentru o casa cu parfum asiatic! [..] Alte informatii despre: decorare casa , amenajare casa , Stilul asiatic

Aripi de pui gatite dupa metoda japoneza

baia japoneza
Pentru o cina speciala, incearca o reteta dupa metoda japoneza de aripi de pui. Carnea se amesteca cu sos de unt si ou si se da la cuptor, pigmentata de un sos de soia si usturoi. Preparatul este gata intr-o ora. Ingrediente pentru aripi de pui gatite dupa metoda japoneza 1.4 kg [..] Alte informatii despre: pui , carne , cuptor

500 de unitati Subaru in 2007

baia japoneza
Potrivit directorului de vinzari al companiei importatoare, Razvan Antoniu, cresterea vinzarilor va fi impulsionata in principal de extinderea retelei de dealeri, prin semnarea de noi contracte de [..]

Cosmote Romania va lansa in 2007 sistemul iMode

baia japoneza
Incepand de anul viitor, clientii Cosmote Romania vor putea folosi sistemul de internet mobil iMode, bazat pe tehnologia japoneza NTT DoCoMo, au declarat oficiali ai companiei. iMode este sistemul [..]

Elevii intra in greva japoneza si organizeaza actiuni de protest alaturi de studenti

baia japoneza
De cateva saptamani a inceput sezonul protestelor. Dupa medici, transportatori si profesori, elevii au hotarat sa intre si ei in greva, incepand de astazi, 13 noiembrie. [..] Alte informatii despre: greva japoneza , greva elevi , sistem invatamant , subfinantare invatamant

Trei zile de greva japoneza in spitale

baia japoneza
Personalul din sistemul medical a intrat, incepand de luni, pentru trei zile, in greva japoneza. Pentru a-si exprima nemultumirea fata de conditiile de munca si salariile primite, medicii si asistentele vor purta in aceasta perioada banderole tricolore, fara a opri insa activitatea. [..] Alte informatii despre: spitale , greva japoneza , personal medical , greva spitale

Salvamarii, in greva japoneza

baia japoneza
CONSTANTA. De astazi, salvamarii din Vama Veche, Mangalia, Costinesti si Eforie vor intra in greva japoneza.&bdquoAm ajuns la jumatatea sezonului si guvernul nu ne-a alocat un leu. Nu avem [..] Alte informatii despre: mare , greva , litoral

Artistii de la Filarmonica George Enescu, in greva japoneza

baia japoneza
Artistii Filarmonicii George Enescu din Bucuresti au intrat in greva japoneza. Ei protesteaza din cauza noii legi a teatrelor si institutiilor muzicale. Artistii considera ca aceasta lege este [..] Alte informatii despre: greva , japoneza , filarmonica , george enescu

Armata japoneza a plasat la Tokyo rachete sol-aer Patriot

baia japoneza
Armata japoneza a instalat o baterie de rachete sol-aer Patriot langa sediul Ministerului Apararii. Instalarea bateriei vine pe fondul tensiunilor din Extremul Orient create de anuntul Phenianului [..] Alte informatii despre: armata , tokyo , racheta , japonia

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