Best Halloween Candies Slideshow

Best Halloween Candies Slideshow

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Candy Corn

Interesting fact: Candy corn is the only candy to make our 25 worst and 25 best candies list. Love it or hate it, candy corn is the ultimate Halloween candy.


Let's face it — they probably overstated the importance of not melting in your hand. When was the last time you had a candy melt between the package and your mouth? Still, an outstanding candy.

Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddies are a good candy in spite of the fact that the name refers to a man who gives gifts to a younger person in exchange for a sexual relationship. Actually, maybe don't give these out this Halloween.

Charleston Chews

I know what you're wondering: Charleston, S.C., or Charleston, W. Va.? Neither; it's named after the dance for some reason.

Junior Mints

These are the best to get in any non-movie theater situation because they make you feel like you're at a movie theater.


Who needs a candy bar when you have these bite-sized bits of heaven? And, as their name implies, you get a whole roll of them.


Skittles are delicious. Also, telling your kids to "taste the rainbow," is an excellent way to introduce them to psychedelia.


Just like licorice, but instead of troublesome black licorice, they're strawberry flavored. And everybody likes strawberries.

Atomic Fireball

One of the few candies to be cinnamon flavored, Atomic Fireballs are a bit unwieldy, especially if you get a spicy one. They're hard to eat, and that's half the fun. The other half is red drool.


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